The Summer Vegetable Ball

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Hello Seed Explorers! I understand your interested in growing your very own vegetable garden? Well you have come to the right place. The Summer Ball brings to life 9 vegetable characters and will keep you busy sowing and growing all through the summer. I have given you some fun activities to capture your imagination along with our Think Happy Thoughts library to record your happy moments along your growing journey.

The Summer Ball includes

🌱 9 colourful varieties of spring seeds...


🥕Collect a Seed Explorer pin each season

 🌱August’s growing tips

🌱 Fun activities 

🌱 Think Happy thoughts, wellbeing library 

🌱 9 Magic Potion Seed storage bottles 

 🔍 Mini Magnifying Glass for bug hunts and exploring seeds

💌 Free UK Shipping 

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