Edible Flower Circus

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Roll up, roll up what your about to see is not only a feast for your eyes but for your senses. Our Circus acts are here to tantalise your taste buds and bring a rainbow to your plate.

The Edible Flower Circus is a box of 9 edible flower seeds for you to bring to life. Each character has their own personality and all the growing tips and advice along with some fun facts and activities to help you on your way to an edible wonderland full of colourful flowers. 

Each box includes...


💐 9 varieties of edible flower seeds.

🎪Seed Explorer Edible Flower Circus pin

 🌱August’s growing tips

🌱 Fun activities 

🌱 Think Happy thoughts, wellbeing library 

🌱 9 Magic Potion Seed storage bottles 

 🔍 Mini Magnifying Glass for bug hunts and exploring seeds

💌 Free UK Shipping 

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